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Serving Effingham and the Surrounding Area

Are you tired of trash piling up between garbage pickup days? It can be quite a nuisance, and attract unpleasant rodents that can be hard to get rid of. Take advantage of our convenient and flexible daily or weekly trash removal service. You don't have to be bothered by waste build-up any more - call us today.

Let's keep the earth clean



According to the EPA, the average American produces 5 pounds of garbage a day, yet there are only about 136,000 operational garbage trucks in the U.S. What are you doing with your garbage?

Flexible pickups - daily and weekly service.

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trash pickup -

call us today.

Residential Service

Weekly pick up of three 30 gallon garbage cans or one 96 gallon tote.

Basic Service & Tote

96 gallon tote provided with residential service.

* Large amount of trash or clean out material and can be subject to extra charge.